Centument Software Review – Is Centument LTD Scam? Find Out!

Centument is a latest binary options trading system which use some dirty unrealistic methods to attract innocent traders in to their platform. There is not a single tangible feature about this system which proves to be a money making system.

In simple words this aims to steal all your money by luring in to their trap and once you are involved they might not offer you anything in return after snatching all the investment you made.

If you are curious about what makes this system completely untrustworthy just go through this article and if possible avoid it at any cost to save yourself from the scammers behind this system.

Some loopholes in the Website

Before you go any further I would like you to know all the loopholes that constitutes the Centument software. The website doesn’t provide any proper contact details so don’t expect any help from any kind of support system.

Behind this colourfully designed software there is nothing but a suspicious group of individuals who are ready to snatch all your hard earned money.

Centument review

The most troubling thing about Centument system is the disclaimer section which is available in the bottom most part of the website. The disclaimer clearly states the fake ideas and fictitious design of the system which is not at all to be entertained.

Why would anyone start trading with such a fictitious system? It’s all just a way to trap you into their system so that they take advantage of your investment. There is nothing more than that.

Bogus Promotional Video

The most fake part of the website of Centument LTD is the promotional video which doesn’t contain anything connected to reality. Above all it starts with a rented Lamborghini, costly rented mansions and what not.

This is a stereotypical video presentation of a scam system the likes of which I have encountered a number of times while exposing other scam platforms. So, believing such videos and paid actors would be nothing but a disaster.

Fake Owner

The Video shows Gerald Reed as the owner of Centument system who according to him has been making millions of money with this system. He seems to have quietly working on the Centument LTD while still working on Wall Street after he got pissed off upon the rich people who were misusing their power to make money.

According him he made this software so that normal people could start earning in millions. So he along with many software developers created a trading system which turned out to be the Centument. All these are fake accounts just made to fool you.

fake owner

It seems like he doesn’t even have the proper acting skills which made the people from YouTube community furious about the whole video and his rubbish acting skills rather than making millions of money. You can go to the YouTube version of the video and check out how people reacted to this stupid video.

How does the Centument System function?

I wanted to know what exactly makes the system work so I watched the whole video and found that there was not a clear explanation to what it exactly does other than just being a mere powerful machine. In other words this will just generate numbers for you as this is actually a random number generator.

He just mentions that this will process all the billions of data start find out the right trade for you that will win profits. He also says that the system is the strongest money making machine ever made and that there are a very limited free copy of the software.

unrealistic claims

It seems like he is desperate to make us believe that this system really works and is actually forcing us to take the step forward by get involved with the scammers behind the software.


The testimonials given in the website doesn’t seem original too, in fact they aren’t original at all. It simply is unbelievable because the amount of money shown as their profit is not realistic at all.

In fact it is not so easy to make such a huge amount of money consistently for a normal day trader just relying upon a machine out of nowhere at least in the binary options trading market.

fake claims

One more interesting thing is the man by the name Stefan Henning whose picture has been displayed in the website’s testimonials section saying. This picture has been taken from Google stock photos and has been displayed with a fake name.

stock image

Verdict: Just Stay Away from Centument Software

There is nothing more to say about the Centument software. It is not at all worth your money and attention. With all the false details and the disclaimer revealing all the ins and outs of the system I don’t think you should be establishing any connection or what so ever with this product.

Just look for a platform which provides the right way to start learning about binary options trading. Yes, many professional platforms provide with education facilities and ways to learn making strategies so that you can compete in the real market like a professional trader.

Just avoid the Centument and do a favour to yourself because this is the most ridiculous scam system which I have ever exposed till date. Instead of joining this scam auto trader, you can join any other auto trader like Copy buffett system.


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