Dream Catcher Scam Exposed! Check Review!

Dream Catcher is a new binary options trading software that has been going around recently. It has been selling money making ideas to people, which seem to be quite promising. But on the other hand

d there are lots of hints that indicate that this software is a scam. Many people are interested in investing in this software and they are quite confused about this software. So, for this reason, I have decided to write this Dream Catcher Review for the people to make them understand and decide whether this software is a scam or legit one.

dream catcher review

About Dream Catcher Scam

Dream Catcher is an automated binary options trading software. It is introduced to us by Matthew Warner, who claims to be a millionaire and a successful Wall Street Trader. He also claimed to be personally mentored by Alexander Mendez. The presenter claims that his software is the most advanced auto trading software and with it, you will be able to earn $4250 per day.

The 49-year-old Millionaire adds that he is looking for 15 random people whom he wants to make Millionaires overnight. He adds that you are one of those people since you have landed on this page. So now let me give you the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

Why should you choose Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher doesn’t have a lot of advantages a there are many holes in the software. So down are the advantages of this software.

  • The Auto trade option is the best thing about this software. This option allows new and inexperienced traders to trade without any problem. So, if you are one of those you can just kick back and relax after setting the auto trade option in just a single click.
  • It is 100% free and simple, which means that you can use it without any worries.

Well, these are the only things options that seemed to be quite ok according to me. Now let’s move on to the disadvantage part.

Why stay away from Dream Catcher:

There are lots of reasons that indicate that you should stay away for Dream Catcher. So down below I have listed some of these reasons for you.

  • The first thing that seems to be unbelievable is the amount of many that could be earned every day. Earning $4250 every day is quite unrealistic. I mean it might be possible for hot-shot traders with years of experience but for the beginners, it’s quite impossible.
  • Matthew Warner, the 49-year-old millionaire who claims that he is the owner of this software is actually an alias. As he has claimed to be a successful Wall Street trader there should be some sort of information about him, but there is not. It seems that as if he is a Ghost. According to me might very well be a paid actor.
  • Another noticeable thing in the website is the lack of information. There is no live chat, no support team or any sort of phone number or a way of contacting them. This feature is quite common in the scam software’s and if they provide any of these options also, it can be assumed that you won’t get any replies or answers through these.
  • This website has been created on 28 September 2016 and in the video, the presenter mentions that he will be selecting 15 random people each day over the next 2 days. So, did he not find 30 people over a span of 3 weeks?? So this is another clue that points out a big disadvantage of this software.
  • The presenter goes on and gives you some bogus explanation about how the software works. Actually, there is no software; he just uses some fancy words like RCM (Rapid Counter Measures), Bare Metal Servers to make you believe that he is selling the legit thing here.
  • Finally, there is the list of Live Trades that are taking place. If you look closely at those trades you will notice that these trades are taking place on 16 October 2016. This is not at all possible as Binary Options market is open from Monday to Friday. So this can be ruled out as a fake list which has been provided to lure you into a vicious trap.

Well, these are some of the clues that I have come across while looking for this software. Though there might be lots of other clues too.


If you were to ask to ask me for advice, I would definitely tell you to stay away from this software as this is not trustworthy at all. You can just look at all these points and easily decide. But then again it is solely your decision, whether you want to invest in this software or not. Just make sure you are investing in the proper place because your money is precious and should be invested in the place, where it will get its worth. Instead of joining this scam system, you can join Copy Buffett system.


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