Onassis Alliance Scam Software Exposed! Check Review!

When it comes to Binary Options trading scam, who can do it better than Onassis Alliance. Jed Onassis who claims to be the owner of Onassis Alliance, also claims that he is a self-made multi-millionaire. Onassis Alliance is an auto trading binary options trading software which has profits output of over $7500 every day. Not just that, with 97.4% winning stake, this binary options trading software claims to over nearly $650 every hour. All these offers by Onassis Alliance seem really attractive but the question is whether these claims are legit or not? Absolutely NO!

Their claim seems too good to be true, as Onassis Alliance is just another scam in the Binary Options market. These claims have only one and only motive i.e. to scam money out by tricking you into believing that you will be able to make a lot of money.

Jed Onassis claims that their Binary Options Trading software has never lost a trade and provides the most out of the investment. So I took the courtesy of looking into these claims and exposing whether they are really true or not.

So today I will be providing you with an intense review of all the facts that I have found out that proves Onassis Alliance is a scam. So if you are thinking about investing with Onassis Alliance, I would like to suggest you go through this review hands forth.

Onassis Alliance Official Website: Onassisalliance.co

Onassis Alliance Review

About Onassis Alliance:

Jed Onassis the proud owner of Onassis Alliance claims that the Onassis Alliance software work on a unique algorithm which offers the best output of your investments. The amount of money that you have to invest in is $250. Right after you activating your account and put it on Auto Trading, you will have an instant raise to $650 with the first few minutes. Later as the day goes on you will have a minimum amount of $7500 at its highest winning rate of 97.4%. Sounds great right?


Well as sweet as it may sound, when it comes to facts it can be really hard to put up to claims for even the highest profit recurring Binary Options Trading softwares. So are these claims really true?

Throughout my research about Onassis Alliance, I found that all the claims are just far away from the truth. They are simply some scam tactics to fool investors into investing with them and to lure money out.  So now I will be talking about all the facts that I have come across, proving in the process that Onassis Alliance is a scam. So, let’s move to our Onassis Alliance review.

Onassis Alliance Scam Facts:

About Mr. Jed Onassis:

Mr. Jed Onassis claims that his software makes out $7500 every day and with 97.4% accuracy. He is the one who works on the software for years with his team of engineers that and came up with the software after years of testing. This is where all the bogus babbling comes to a limit. All these claims would be really believable if Mr. Jed Onassis was really the CEO and the owner of Onassis Alliance.


Yes that right Mr. Jed Onassis is not the real owner, and no he is not an actor, he is simply a nameless person who doesn’t exist on social media or even when we Googled him. He is officially Google-proof. He took the fake name of Jad Onassis and carried out this act as the owner of the Onassis software.

So, the research about the man named Mr. Jed Onassis proved that he is a fake person hired by the scammers behind the focus light.

The Working of Onassis Software:

The software claims to make over $7500 every day, at the first glance it does sound a lot suspicious. With so huge claim of making  money, the official video only discussed about how good the software works and how much money it can help you to make. But they never really explained how the software works. It was only said that the software works on some algorithm but it was never explained how it works AND THAT TOO FOR FREE TO THE USERS.


And so, this brings in the question whether the software really works? Only claiming that their Onassis Binary Options Trading software work on some algorithm doesn’t make it clear whether the software really works. It simply is a waste of money if you try to invest with Onassis software.

 Claims and Lies in the Official Video:

The video next moves on with a lot of claims and lies that have been proved to be just some scam tactics. Through my research, I found that the clients who were involved in the video were really poor proof of the software’s performance. Just by investing $250 it can’t be possible to make over $7500 in such a short period of time.


As in the video, the Onassis software is claimed to make over $150 just within a minute after the software has been activated. Not just that, within the next few minutes the software will make over $250. This can’t be possible, no binary options trading software works like that, it is not possible to make money like that just with a minute or two. The accounts where the money has been shown to increase tremendously is simply a fabricated account, it has been made only to make fool out of the visitor and make them believe that they can make such huge amount of money.

Verdict: My final words about Onassis Alliance Scam

Onassis Alliance is just a scam; their main motive is to rob you and your hard earned money. I would like to suggest you stay right away from this scandalous binary Options Trading software. Hope this article was helpful. Please share your views about Onassis Alliance below and if you have any query, leave a comment in the comment section below.


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