Opus Formula Review – Another Scam Software Exposed!

Binary options trading platform today is full of scam software and fake auto trading services. People who are trying to get engaged with the auto trading tools intending to make money from the trading binary options are mostly lost their hard earned money to scammer due to lack of knowledge regarding the trading platform and the scammers. The Opus Formula we are here to discuss about is another common scam software that is trying to lure new traders with its manpulating earning opportunities.

Opus Formula Review

The Opus Formula is generally a trading software that is meant to be run automatically and generate million dollar within a shortest period of time. However, as far as we have encountered in the official website of Opus Formula, all the claims made in the website are false and misleading. We have examined the auto trading system and conclude that Opus Formula is nothing bt an another common scam tool made to fool people around. Check out the below point outs that is concerned with why we refer Opus Formula as a Scam Tool.

opus formula scam

The Cheap Looking Official Website

According to the Opus Formula creator, the system is meant to be making millions. Which means, if the trading tool is really a legit one, they are making millions from the tool. Now, standing on that fact if you take a look on the official website of the tool,  it will make you feel that you are looking at the cheapest website ever came across. If we think logically, if a business hub is making such a huge amount of money from their business, why would they make such a poor looking website that could ruin their entire reputation?

In the official website of the trading software, what we can see is only the promo video designed and an option to get registered with their system using an valid email address. Except these two things, the entire website looks so cheap that hardly a person could get impressed of. We have come across any legitimate auto trading software and their official websites. They are all looks pretty much professional as they meant to be. But the Opus Formula seemed to be far more opposite than they really speaks about.

Who is The Owner of Opus Formula?

During the promotional video of Opus formula, we have seen a person introduced himself as Lex Simmons Jr. the owner of the trading software. We are pretty much sure that this man is no one  but a paid  actor tried to act his  best to connvince people that it’s really a  legitimate software and capable of producing millions of dollars within a few months. He even claimed that he used to work in a reputed bank knwn as Wells Fargo bank. However, we did not  find any records of his working history in the mentioned bank. As to his claim of trading in binary options, we did not either find any evidence or records of his existance in the binary trading  options.

Misleading Statements Made by Mr. Lex Simmons

According to the Mr. Lex Simmons  statement, the promotional video seen in the official website meant to be destroyed after 100 views. But, it is still available to view in the website after being viewed for months. We are wondering, a video like this that offers poeple to make million dollars from a $250 investment amount is yet to get only 100 views till this far? We seriously doubt that.

popup window

Matter of fact, this kind of claims is made only to make people think that they are about to lose a lifetime opportunity if they do not take an instant  action and register to the website. It certainly shows that the opportunity is very limiteed and about to be over. This kind of trick is very common that is done by most of the scammers. And, this a kind of big red flag of a scam.

The Frequent Pop Up Spam Window

Another most common scam trick we have ever come across is the contineous spam window that pops up on your computer screen asking you to regsiter to their scam website. Same thing you can monitor once you visit the Opus Formula official site. There is a spam window that shows up every now and then even after you close the window again and again. This kind of scam trcik is created to force the users to register to the system before they find anthing fishy and change their mind and avaoid the system.

Only 1 Spot Available in Every Country

When you get inside the official website, you can see only 1 available spot is in the entire country. Can you imagine how many people are looking at this one single available spot days after days? This is another tricky scam to make you feel that you are the only one who has the change to make millions of dollar using the trading software in the entire country? How lucky you are?! This option is created to convince you that if you don’t take the action right now and get your registration done right away, you might not get the chance anymore as someone else would grab the opportunity before you do.

But, the reality is, if you simply close the official website and come back again even after a week, you will see the same number of available spot right here. This infact was never a one time opportunity. This one spot available has been showing to every individual who is visiting the site from every country. Even if unfortunately someone else has already took this spot, there will be still another spot available for you. This is one of the old tricks to trap the prey online as been an effective scam till date. So, becareful and never get trapped to this kind of trick if you ever come across.

This scam is recently exposed by binarysignalsadvise.com


From the above mentioned factors, it is clear that the Opus Formula is nothing but an another common scam software that was designed to lure people and convince them to register to the system. You would never need to deposit the brokerage service fees. Once you simply sign up to this system with your active email ID, The scammers behind the system will be contineously sending you spam emails. Worse could happend if you unfortunately manipulated by their false claims and deposited an amount of $250 as a minimum deposit to their suggested broker. You will be never getting refund the deposited amount further, neither you will make a dime from this kind of scam system. Instead of joining this scam software, you ca go for softwares like Copy Buffet.


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