Plenitude Formula Review – Scam Software Exposed!

Plenitude Formula can help you make over $14million in 14 months! Sounds unbelievable right? Well just like this statement, many other Binary Options Trading scam sharing the same idea of scamming money out of people by offering them to make a lot of money.And likewise, there has been a buzz regarding a new software in the market called the Plenitude Formula, which is said to be a very efficient tool in making money in binary options trading. The software is claimed to be an automated software that is said to be able to work fully by itself.

Plenitude Formula
So, let’s see what this software has to offer for real. In this article, I will give you a detailed information about the Plenitude Formula software.

Update: Plenitude Formula is back with a new scam software, it’s name is Tesler App. This scam is recently exposed by TopBinaryOptionsSignal.com team.

All About Plenitude Formula:

The owner of the software is George Ackerman. He is the CEO and the creator of the Plenitude Formula and he has made many claims about his software that are total nonsense and is not of any worth at all. He claims that the software can make you $14million in 14 months, but all these are lies. Why? Well because  the owner is nothing but a fraud who have been hired from fiverr.com. And this proves that everything he says is scripted, so he lies regarding the software throughout the whole promotion of the software.

One of the weirdest fact that I found was that the maximum of the presentation where Mr. George claims of making money and talks about how other scams rob people of money, the dialogs were totally similar to yet another scam which I review a few days back namely “Profits Eternity”!!!

Plenitude Formula Scam
Well, this thing sure does points towards the fact that it is yet another scam software which is trying to seek for another victim to chea on his/her money. So, I would surely suggest trader to stay away from it. So now let us look in more of the scam points that I have picked right out of this so claiming money making Binary Options Trading software and their site.

About the software:

The software is claimed to be an automated binary options trading software. Also, the owners have claimed the software to be 100% efficient in making a huge profit in binary options trading. It is a software that can make $14 million in 14 months, so is that true?  The Plenitude Formula is nothing but a very dangerous scam software that sure does make a lot of fake promises but does not really look that much of promising in real.

Plenitude Formula Arlert
Like the software has claimed, there is absolutely no way any software can fetch an amount of $10,000 to $70,000 per day or $14million in 14 months. Not only this, the software has also guaranteed the traders to be millionaires by next month. Well, there is absolutely no other comments to be made to the last statement.The traders should really keep themselves away from the scam software. The software is one of the biggest lies in the present market of the binary options trading.

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George Ackerman: The Fake Owner!

Plenitude Formula Fake owner

The allegedly called as the owner of the software, who is named as George Ackerman is completely a fraud. The person can be found in Fiverr.com, which is a website for professionals who could be hired for presenting any kind of videos, testimonials etc.
This so claiming owner just followed the script and babbled all about the scam software in the whole presentation trying to make the visitors believe that it is a legit binary options trading software.

The Fake Testimonials

The testimonials that are featured on the official website of the software are fake. There is not even a single thing that can be considered as a real thing about this software. This is because the reviewers who gave the video testimonials are actors. Yes that right, they are actors who are also from fiverr.com (Looks like fiverr.com is coming up with more and more scam actors). The Software uses numerous sources to show its legit, but it actually didn’t have anything to do with binary options trading at all, as such huge amount of money claimed can’t be made in such short period at all.

Plenitude Formula Fake Cleint
So, trust me, this is a fake software which will by any means try to showcase everything like it is for real but eventually fail to prove its existence.

Algorithm: Nowhere To Be Found!

The algorithm that is supposed to be on this software is also nowhere to be found, as the owner of the software has not a single time spoken about it in the promotional video of the software. The only thing that he does is brag about what his software can offer to the traders. Well, that certainly doesn’t make any sense at all.

Plenitude Formula scam
His ignorance of the algorithm clearly points out towards the fact that it is undoubtedly a scam.

Verdict: Clearly A Scam!

Well, to conclude, all I can say is that the software is undoubtedly a scam. The scammers have tried to lure people into their trap, but unfortunately for them, their cheap trick has been caught. They surely did one heck of a great job in arranging everything, which seems real to some extent.

Although they have failed this time, they will be back for sure, some other time with another name perhaps, so you really need to be sure regarding their tricks and keep yourself away from such cheap tricks by the scammers.


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